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Mua 1 Tặng 1 Vanity Gấp Di Động Du Lịch Chiếu Sáng Tạo Gương Để Bàn w/8 ĐÈN LED-quốc tế-quốc tế

Mua 1 Tặng 1 Vanity Gấp Di Động Du Lịch Chiếu Sáng Tạo Gương Để Bàn w/8 ĐÈN LED-quốc tế-quốc tế

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Specifications:Material: ABSColor: BlackSize: approx. 15.5*12.2*1.4cm, open size: approx. 23.5*15.5cmBattery: cr2032*2(included)LED quantity: 8pcsFeature: with LED light, folding.
Description:A Brief History of Ear CandlesThis is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations.It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially probably for cleansing, purifying and healingon a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis. However, the practice reached the modern worldvia the native American Indians of North Arizona. Ear candles were used traditionally by Shamen healers.Ancient wall paintings show their importance in initiation rituals and healing ceremonies of the tribe.The candles are still made today on the basis of the old traditional formula originating from the ancient Indians.Category: Ear CandlesMaterial: CottonColor: MulticolorSize: About 22*0.8cm How To Use Ear Candles1) Prepare your areaMake sure the room is draughtfree, the temperature should be ambient and the lighting soft. You may wish tohave some gentle music playing in the background.2) Prepare your equipmentLay out your ear candles, a small bowl of water, a mirror, a lighter or matches and a pair of scissors.3) Lie in a comfortable positionOn couch or even the floor! Rest your head on a pillow and tilt your head to one side. It`s a good idea to havesomeone around to assist you, especially if this is your first experience of ear candling.Once you have established your routine ear candling on a regular basis, ensure you have a mirror so thatyou can assess your progress whilst candling.4) Place the candle gently in the outer opening of the earThe ear candle is fitted with a small comfort earpiece, which is placed gently in the outer opening of the ear tomake sure you have a good seal between the ear opening and the end of the candle.5)Light the candleOnce lit, the candle creates a slight vacuum effect, oxidizing, vapouring and drawing softened wax and debrisfrom the ears. This is a very gentle and noninvasive process, and you will probably experience a wonderfulcrackling or soft hissing sound during the procedure. The approximate burning time for the candle is 10~12 minutes.6) Remove the candle from your ear, once the flame reaches the line markingExtinguish the candle in a glass of water and cut off the burned portion Packing:1 x Ear Candle

Specifications of Mua 1 Tặng 1 Vanity Gấp Di Động Du Lịch Chiếu Sáng Tạo Gương Để Bàn w/8 ĐÈN LED-quốc tế-quốc tế

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What’s in the box
  • 1 x Vanity Folding Travel Illuminated Make Up Desktop Mirror w/ 8 LED Light
  • 1 x Cleaner Quicker Ear Candling Therapy Straight Style Ear Care & Ear Candle

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